One of the UNIQUE aspects of Radish is our CREATIVE capabilities outside of 

being an AWARD-WINNING production hub. 

We love to brainstorm and pow wow IDEAS for our clients

to rebrand, ELEVATE an existing BRAND or just write

a script that tickles the funny bone or breaks out the tissues. 

Below are a few examples of that CREATIVITY, from CONCEPT to COMPLETION.


“You’re Important"

“You’re Important” offers a light-hearted approach to a very real issue that many of Molina's members face in their daily lives: feeling unimportant. And as empathic human beings, we get it! 

We understand that Molina Healthcare may seem like the underdog but what sets them apart is that they take care of those who may not have access to good, reliable and affordable health care. Behind every one of their members who face this issue, is a committed team of representatives who will always be there to not only help them with their questions and concerns but also to remind them that they are seen, heard, important now and always will be. 

Between Radio, TV, Outdoor and Digital, we created scenarios involving situations that Molina's members deal with on a regular basis. 



Oakland University

Prepare for the Extraordinary"

The Oakland University marketing department requested a deep dive into data that was collected about where to take the University's brand, and so they reached out to Radish for help in developing a profile of the students that are attracted to Oakland University. 


We did more than that. We showed them exactly how to utilize the students already thriving at OU to raise the bar on the brand to the “extraordinary” and illustrate specifically WHO these students are and WHY they succeed. This allowed Oakland University to leverage existing strengths and begin to focus on new, potential recruits. 

Real stories. Real students. Real professors. 

Prepare for the Extraordinary.


Oakland University

Spirit Wall

In addition to the Brand assignment, OU approached Radish to design an interactive feature to their new Welcome Center. Our solution was a student-expression chalkboard Spirit Wall, that stretched across 40ft and housed interactive televisions that showcased current and former students sharing their experiences at the university. Part Spirit Wall, part Live Event, part Social Engagement opportunity, this wall was a work of art and the true voice of the Oakland story and the energy that lives there.

Genesys Healthcare

“Bring On Childhood"

Genesys had been out of the “pediatric spotlight” and therefore had fallen off the radar as an option for child emergencies. They came to Radish to develop a campaign to showcase Genesys' dedication to applying it’s leadership and innovation to the field of Children’s Pediatrics, giving parent’s peace of mind and casting a hopeful light that the region’s leader in healthcare was now also dedicated to child emergencies. 


Bring On Childhood was our answer. 

TV. Print. Outdoor. Direct Mail.