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60+ Telly Awards


we're PROUD of.


2 Emmy Wins with 5 Nominations 


8 "Best Of"

Film Festival Awards

Best of Show PSA

NY Mercury Award

2011 Michigan



of the Year

Best of Show  Mobius Award

3 Gold 

Summit Creative Awards

Gold Caddy Awards


D Show Awards


Healthcare Award

Over 15 Communicator,

Aegis & Aurora

Best of Show Awards

for Educational Programming​

MCA-I Gold 



of the Year



   “I wanted to send a note expressing my gratitude on the amazing creative you have led for the "My Why" series on the state’s vaccination efforts. Please extend to your team a virtual ‘standing ovation’ for a job well done.”


Kerry Ebersole Singh

Director of the Protect Michigan Commission



     “I could go on and on about Amy's creativity and passion for her work but you can see that for yourself when you view her work. I'd much rather talk about how she can put the toughest of personalities at ease on a shoot all while ensuring the highest quality and value on every project. Her passion and dedication shows in everything she does. In a word she is SPECTACULAR!”

Deidre Bounds, COO, Ignite Social Media


     “Amy is an outstanding director. While I was at Comcast as the Director of Marketing Communications for the Greater Chicago market, we worked together on several broadcast commercials and radio spots. The final products were exceptional. We won several Telly awards as a result. Highly creative, talented, versatile, strategic, warm and personal, Amy excels because she deeply cares about getting it right and genuinely takes the time to listen to her clients' POV. I strongly recommend Amy.”

Michael Woods, Director, Sales & Marketing, RCN


     "They listen. I know you agree with me that this is key.  I mean, how else are the creative people we work with going to get it if they don’t listen to what our product is, what our goals are, and who we are as an organization? No worries here with Radish.  They will work with you throughout the entire project to make sure that creative is right on point, and will involve you so that it feels like your own. "If you’re looking for a group of experienced, vested, synergetic, creative folks to make your next marketing campaign (or television program) a success, you’ll find it with Radish Creative Group."

Chris M. Gleason, Director of Marketing, Genesys Health System


      “Amy is a top-notch director. She consistently delivers a great product. I am confident with every job that the end product will make me proud and working with Amy is easy. I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for an excellent director.”

Ellyn Davidson, President, Brogan & Partners



      “Brand visions today require adventurous transcreation as opposed to conventional translation. RADISH bridges the cultural divide by shaping a creative execution that is relevant, compassionate, and…funny.”


Juan Jose Orellana, CEO, Golden Shore Medical Group

     "By providing a proactive perspective, Radish helped Films to improve our overall production process, transition to new media technologies, and position our products for the digital future."


Wendy Collins, VP, Digital Strategy and Services, Films Media Group

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